SO buddy boy, how goes it?

This is my new web page location.  Seems to be working well. Yeah.

So there is free HBO this week.  That means lots of TV (vs lots of tv).  I
actually took my car into the BMW shop last night.  Ive been meaning to
have the valves adjusted since November.  I guess it needs new spark plugs
too.  The BMW place was nice.  Big fish tank with a bunch of discus.  And
the main guy had a german accent.  Too bad his name tag didnt say
'bavarian mint-man.'  Hopefully i can get the car back to night.  It still
has bill/daves a.c. unit in the trunk.  well its mine now since they gave
it too me.  The problem is that it might be hard to get it out of the
trunk since it was a pain to get into the trunk.

So hungery man tv diners were on sale and Lisa got me some for lunch.  the
problem is that the freezer here its auto-defrost so its a big chunk of
ice.  There is only room for two small tv diners.  So i had to get a
butter knife and start chipping the ice away.  I found the 'ice man
entree' (its 40000 years old) in there.  I couldnt dig it all the way out
of the ice, though.  I wonder how many more are in there.  Hidden for

So i have to turn in an application for a job with sac city public works
by tomorrow.  I messed up on the one i had at home so i had to get
another.  i hate applications.  This one even had a essay part.  It had
the question ' what anaylitcal capabilities would you bring to this
anaylist position.'  What are they looking for there?  It would be nice to
have that job because it makes like 30 grand a year.  I think i could live
on that.

So tomorrows friday and i missed almost a week of 'daily takes' and i
still have nothing interesting to say.  

oh well the end for today