Hey how's it going?

So today is pay day.  now i'll have some money for about a week and 
then have to wait three weeks for more.  So this sunday is superbowl 
sunday.  Bill is going to eat some venicen steaks.  I was thinking about 
going shooting but lisa got sick (again) today.  I htink she's allegic to 
1999.  I havent done much since yesterday.  Watched the movie 'Gas 
light.'  Pretty good old movie.  I have it on the same tape as i have 
'face off' and some other movie.  We always tape free showtime/hbo movies 
that are on at like 2 in the morning and then dont label the tapes and 
only watch half of them.  The 'dentist 2' wasnt as good as the dentist 
one.  Thats a movie you should see 'the dentist.'

So dave smith one and auction on ebay for a Century arms L1A1 -Fal battle 
rifle.  He bid 470 bucks even though the guy said his reserve was 515.  
The guy offered to sell him the gun for 500 along with three magazines.  
So dave smith is milling over whether to buy it or not.  I just remebed 
that i probably get a tax refund, which is the equivalent to free money 
that must be spent on a 'toy.'  nothing is better than free money except 
free stuff taht is worth more than money, like old stuff that you could 
never find to buy.  

Ive been researchign AK47 varients on the web lately.  There is a good 
page at http://kalashnikov.guns.ru/ 
It just looks neat and its russian.  i thought getting an Ak would be a 
good idea so it could go with my East German Border Guard uniform.  That 
way when Y2k happens, i can dress up and carry the AK around and people 
will think that the communist have taken over.  I'll be incharge and 
check everyones papers.  The new berlin wall will be the wall behind 
Cheaper and people will try to jump over it but the dogs will get them.  
Then the dogs will eat their arms and bury the bones of the dead dog 
arms.  Thats what i think will happen when Y2K comes to town in its fancy 
time machine-esk way.

I havent played video games in like a week.  I htink im in withdrawl.  I 
created a game on 'notepad' where the curser getts chased by a random 
letter and then when it makes it across the screen it chases the random 
letter and eat them all.  The amount of letters that are left that are 
the closest to its number in the alphabet (a=1, b=2, c=3) they win.  
Ive actaully never played this game, i just thought of it while typing, 
so it might not make sence unless you are me and understand the missing 

So the former dennys -turned land park cafee- turned Grand park cafe 
(home of the Moons of Mckinley) is now a chinese food place.  Somehting 
something (both somethings are 2 letter words) Guy.  Its good because the 
signs are all still in the dennys shape and the building still looks like 
a dennys.  So the Inferno (where Me and lisa and dave and jeph) used to 
spend our friday nights (after the legion) started having bands play 
there on fridays so you get a bunch of scummy cheap skate kids whining 
about crap that no one cares about and taking up all the seats.  So we;ve 
had to cancel twice.  Its such a pain, i miss my calzone with potato 
wedges with range dressing and beer.  Nuts to you inferno.  

ok im tired of typing, i miss my quiet laptop keyboard.  Quiet keyboards 
are a good invention. So as dave smtih would say 'Kudos to the quiet 
keyboard, long shall it reign like the night sky in Oaktown'

Nuts to you!