Yeah!, So here's the story...

We (me, bill and dave smith) went to the local sacto FNRA (friends of the 
NRA(national rifle assoc.)) meet last night.  Our jorney started out with 
me going over to there place and seeing that they were not too close to 
moving (which they have to do in three days).  Bill was saying he didnt 
want to go but dave (and some coin tosses and promise of MCdonalds) 
finally got bill to go.  And of course bill drove (its just funner that 
way).  We headed out and stopped at mcdonalds and got a total of 15 
burgers (because it was 29 cent night) a shake (me), two pops (dave and 
bill) and some fries (one that was free!).  We ate til we were full on 
the way there.

We got to the Cordova range (where the meeting was) and parked.  There 
were a lot cars in the lot and some people were still shooting at the 
outdoor pistol range.  We went into the store and looked around a bit 
before we found where the meeting was and that we missed a few minutes of 
it.  We squeezed in and dave and bill got chairs and i sat on a table (a 
little later i got a chair too, which was good because the table hurt my 
butt).  The guy who was talking (and talked for a while) was some 
Legislater guy named something like Ed Woley.  He was a good talker and 
NRA spokes person.  He told about the proposed sucky CA laws that the gov 
was trying to pass.  Basicaly the same stuff that i read on the net, but 
he was a good public speaker so i enjoyed hearing it from him.

There was a local sity something-or-other guy who was running for some 
city thing.  He was pretty funny too.  People would ask him questions and 
he would say things like 'well, im not very smart' and then laugh and 
tell them an answer.  He wasnt as good as a talker as Ed Woley was.  Ed 
Woley also talked about how he had an AR-15.  he said one time he was 
carring a pistol grip to an AR15 around with him in the capitol and it 
freaked out some lady because it was a part of a gun.  He also told 
people who wanted to stage a 'pro-2nd admendment' rally at the capitol, 
that it would be a waste of time and money.

I guess if you apply for a CCW (carry concealled weapons) permit in CA 
and are regected (which you will be) the sheriff has to send you a letter 
telling why you were regeted with in 60 days.  I guess the mayor of 
Orange county says he's going to start issuing CCW permits to anyone in 
the county who wants them.

SO the people at the meeting were mainly old(er) guys.  When someone 
would tell a clinton joke they would all laugh and all end up coughing at 
the same time.  A couple of gangie guys (puffy jacket and holding a cell 
phone - which dave thought was a remote and told bill 'that guy has a 
remote' so bill thought it was aremote also) came in a little late and 
had to sit up front.  They left pretty early into it.  I guess 
gangbangers could be match shooters, you cant 'gang' all day every day 
can you?

SO everyone should join the NRA, and all that.
next meeting is like feb 24th.

i just heard my nemisis, i must go and think evil thoughts and give him 
more evil looks.

the end