Well, well well...

Only 339 days left to Y2K.  Yeah.

So I've just about made it through the month with out making and 'big 
purchases' like guns or video games.  Pretty amazing.  Hopefully i can 
make it though feburary also.  Nothings happened since yesterday, so i 
must think.... I went to try and buy tubifex worms for my eel, who hasnt 
been feed in around two month (i think its still alive), but the fish 
company didnt get their shipment in yet, eventhough mike kellogg told me 
on sunday that they should get the worms in monday. I bet its a y2k thing 
that makes the worm deliveries late.  So i didnt get any worms there.  I 
saw a bum that was sleeping at the same place on tuesday as he was on 
sunday.  I think hes not dead because he had a box blocking the wind on 
tuesday and didnt have that on wednesday.  When lisa and i went to the 
fish company on sunday i ended up running over a forty bottle with my 
car.  I have the bad habit of driving and parking over the leaf piles 
that are left in the road....Well someone (probably that sleeping bum) 
hid the forty bottle in the small leaf pile and i ran over it and broke 
it.  But it didnt seem to give my car a flat, which is good.

Im waiting for the microwave to free up so i can cook my itailan sausage 
lasagne for lunch.  I cook it at the mas time so the chesse around the 
side of the box will get fried and hard.  Fried cheese is good.  

So while seeing bands play monday night, i decided that i should be in 
another dumb band with songs about dumb things.  The problem with dumb 
bands is that people never want to keep them dumb, they start taking 
things serious, which i always find annoying when your talking about a 
punky band.  The reason i havent started a band is because im a lazy 
guy.  I have a guitar in the living room that i never play.  I never 
really ever knew how to play, but since i havent touched a musical 
instrument in like 2 years (except the ocarina in the zelda 64 game) i 
can remember how to play anything.  Music playing is more like numbers 
than sounds to me.  Like 'go to this fret and play some then go to this 
fret and play some, instead of 'make this sound and now make this sound.'

So when i moved to Sacto my main interests were music and computers 
(internet stuff).  Since then i have got out of music (never listen to 
records, too much trouble) and into video discs, video games and guns.  I 
guess i was into school some too.  I used to read stuff about geology and 
find it interesting, but now i cant even remeber most of the stuff i 
learned.  It was just a bunch of hoop-like things that i had to jump 
through, kind of like a dog jumping through a hula-hoop when no one was 
watching, or else the people who owned the dog were watching tv or 
playing videogames and drinking.

working full time is hard on your non-life, eh?
what am i talking about, its lunch time.