Ok folks...

Sorry about the lack of yesterdays post.  Wait a minute, who am i to have 
to be sorry to you?  End of discussion.

So there was a good show last night at the loft, some bands played and my 
butt got cold and there was beer involved and it kind of rained and 
someone (gorman) peed out a window (or i should say, the window).  
Typical monday night show.

So on sunday night lisa and I watched Starship Troupers on free 
showtime.  Thats a great movie, i hadnt seen it since it was in the 
theater.  I laughed just about every time they said 'bug' or 'johnny'.

So I guess there is some local NRA meeting tomorrow night (wednesday) at 
the cordova range at 7pm.  I'll probably go aslong as dave and/or bill 
goes with me.  Bill is getting a 'george forman fat frier' tattoo today.  
I convinced him that i bet him ten bucks he wouldnt get the tattoo, so 
he's proving me wrong.  I think it has forman punching fat.  Last friday 
bill came and got me from the capitol (im actually the real california 
governor that doesnt do anything except work at the capitol secretly) 
after i was done with work and we drove out the Sac Thrift on 
fruityridge.  We went there because bill has previously seen some 
Videodiscs out there and remembered one was a playboy video disc for 3 
bucks.  The playboy one usually go for around ten bucks on ebay so i saw 
porn and profit for the same item and wanted the disc.  So we head out 
there and i find the disc and also pick up harold and maude (that way 
i'll seem like a real prevert to the cashier with a playboy disc and a 
young-boy-old-lady-love disc).  So we get stuck in line behind a smell 
baby (oxymoron) forever.  When i get up to the counter and put the 
videodisc down i notice that part of the tag is ripped on the playboy 
disc. and i think 'this is going to suck.'  And it did.  The cashier girl 
wouldnt sell it to me because of the ripped tag.  Even though all the 
other 20 videodisc had the exact same tag and were 2.98.  So i didnt 
argure because i know there is no one more disgruntled than a thrift 
store employee around 5:30pm.  She says it will be back out tomorrow 
(saturday).  So we leave and think 'oh well.'  

The next day when lisa and i decide to visit the really good florin mall 
(insearch of furbys - not a word), i decide to stop by the thrift store 
to see if the videodisc is out for sale again.  The store is super 
crowded, and some kid grabs lisa butt after two seconds.  The video discs 
arent out and we leave.  So i emailed bill and told him to get it and he 
went there today (bill works at statenet and will leave when ever to go 
to thrift stores) and picked it up for 1.98.  he said he couldnt find 
harold and maude, but i dont care.  Its not that i wanted the videodisc 
as much as i figured i should have it for all the effort i put into 
trying to get it.  i know this storey isnt exciting.

One friday night, two weeks ago, After drinking at the legion we (lisa, 
me, bill, jeph) went to wienerschinzel and los horitos to get food.  Bill 
and i went in to the weiner place while jeph and lisa went for the 
mexican place.  So bill was drunk and talking loud and asking about deep 
fried chili balls and there was a crazy guy that just kept staring at 
bill.  It was creepy.  So then after the nutcase (not bill) gets his food 
and is walking to sit down, he hisses at bill.  And bill gets all 
excited.  I got my pepper spray ready in my pocket incase this guy tryed 
to fight bill.  But we just said he was crazy (bill and the other guy) 
and left with no incident.

So, folks, join me next time for more stories that dont go anywhere.