So today is the big day?

Okay there is nothing big about today except its friday and my bosses are 
at a stress management class.  SO i can play on email for 90% of the day 
instead of 75-80% of a normal day.  

So i went to Tower Outlet yesterday and found a pog book.  It was 49 
cents so i didnt buy it.  I looked in it to see if they mentioned Alf 
pogs, but it did not.  I got some good Space Ghost Cds, though.  I was 
thinking of trying to sell this extra Four-track tape recordor that i 
have so i could buy a Russian SKS.  If anyone is interested in a Tascam 
porta one (i think its the porta one, its one of the cheaper ones 
designed for single person recording onto four tracks) for like $150 
bucks email me.  

I told lisa that i wont buy another gun for 6 monthes back in december 
because I keep spending all my money and i own her money (money i 
borrowed to buy guns of course). So Im not supposed to get another gun 
til like May of this year but i want one now and its only been like a 
month since i got the AR15.  I think I'm just obsessed.  I guess its 
always been like this for me with other stuff like comics and records and 
video games.  I think its just because i have too much free time at work 
to look on the internet and read things about guns.  It makes me too 
interested.  I have to get interested in something cheap like tv.

Oh, i just remembed it was supposed to rain this weekend.  Guess i cant 
do anything outside (ie go shooting).  I guess i'll just have to stay in 
and play video games. 

Man (or Ape, as David Smith says now), i just realized how boring this 
must be to other people reading this.  I mean its boring the heck out of 
me and I have the fun of typing it.  Im not going to type another thing 
until i can think of something interesting to type.

--5.5 hours later--

Oh, well.  Time to go home.