So David Smith made a good point, that the stories on this page should be 
by me since it is called ;dave ninjas daily take on things'
So now i have to come up with excuses for the missed days
Monday was a holiday and the computer at home is too slow compared the 
the one here, so i didnt write a page. Tuesday I was only here a half day 
and at home when i went to use the computer the cat threw up on the floor 
under the computer so i locked the cats in that room hoping they would 
eat/re-eat the barf so i wouldnt have to clean it up (they ate like half 
of it).  I then played the wrestling game (NWO vs WCW revenge on N64).  
Wednesday (actually today) I was just too far behind and used the thing 
dave emailed me (the thing by donna).  So am i cleared of all charges?

So Lisa and I saw The Thin Red Line on monday.  Spent the 16 bucks on 
tickets and the 7 bucks on popcorn/soda (actaully lisa paid for it all 
eventhough I had falled in my quest to find her a Furby to see at 
Toys'r'us).  Lots of guns in the movie, Garands, M1 carbines, thompsons 
and model 99/38 japanese bolt actions.  Was pretty artsy fartsy and not 
enuff warsy killsy.  The battle sence was good.  and Clooney was the best 
in it.  He played a battlefield ER doctor, druglord, spy buster.  He was 
almost as good as he was in Street Fighter 3 the movie 2.  

If i had to compare and decide which i liked better between thine red 
line and private ryan (i know its comparing apples to oranges, but if 
someone was forcing me to pick (and not my nose)) I would have to pick my 
nose.  Wait a minute that doesnt make any sence.  I would pick Private 
ryan.  It may just be the situations i was in while seeing the movies.  
When i first saw private ryan, i was in Utah and had seen armageddon like 
a week or two before, also we went to see private ryan on opening day, 
but the theater hadnt got the movie yet (utah is slow).  Then when i saw 
it it was good.  And Armageddon sucked.  I must say that i liked thin red 
line better than armageddon and the deer hunter.  I thought the deer 
hunter was lame, maybe its because i havent been there but i couldnt seem 
to bring my self to believe that Nam was a bunch of guys playing russian 

So, my daily take on things has really gone downhill, eh?  
So im looking for a russian SKS, if you have any leads tell me.
(boy, am i kidding myself, or what?  Like anyone i dont know reads this page)

So this weekend in SF, we watched the substitute, great movie, berringer 
kicks butt and talks about Nam.  I hate SF,  the people there always 
change lanes and run into the streets.  I would rather not have a window 
that looks out and then into an other persons window.  And dont even get 
me started on the parking.  Steve mar took me to Chabot Gun range in the 
oakland hills.  Made me realise how spoiled I was to have Spenceville 
with in an hour and half from me.  Chabot costs 10 bucks and you shoot 
from a bench.  You cant fire off rounds fast and you only have a bulls 
eyes to aim at, at 100 yards.  I tryed to shooot my Enfield but couldnt 
get it to reat on the sand bags on the bench correctly, so it would just 
keep hurting my arm.  Also at first i just kept hitting the wood.  And 
the main thing is that i wanted cheetos from the vending machine and i 
got lays chips (it was all my fault, due to hunger i pushed the wrong 
button, but if there were machines at spenceville (and not just the 
really pissy-smelling spot behind the tree) the machines would read you 
mind and make you push an 'ok' button just like a compucore).
The end