Today is the 13th of Jan 1999

So Lisa and i went to costco yesterday to get Y2K supplies. Well actually we just got stuff we needed now but they could be considered Y2k supplies with the idea that the mayhem could start any day now. I read an article about how the NRC (nuclear reglatory committee) said that all the nuclear power plants must be Y2K compliant before june or july of this year. This is because it takes the nuclear power plants about 4 months to shut down and they need to have power in order to shutdown. So this may cause a problem in june or july when they have to shut down for not being Y2K comliant because about 20% of power in the USA comes from nuclear power (40% of the power east of the mighty Miss). So when that 20% gets knocked down there will be more pull from the 80%. Since it will be summer (june or july) everyone will have their AC on and it will start causing brown outs. So i guess i better get my video game playing in before june or else get a gameboy or lynx.

You know what always makes me feel so self-confident? yes, you are right. The end.

Actually what i was talking about it when i eat a bag of box of something and then look at the nutrition facts on the back and see that the bag/box of the thing i ate in an hour or two contains like 4 or 5 servings. That always makes me feel thin. My weight loss plans always work about as well as my get-rich-quick squemes (i dont even know if thats a word, 'squemes' its supposed to be like 'ski-umms'). My really good get rich wuick things that i came up before got stolen by industrial espionage spy-druglords and pattoned (patented) before i could create the prototype (they used a time machine and went back in time and patented it).

My invention was ... The Electric Spoon!

It would be used to Scope ice cream. My prototype idea was basically a spoon tied, with wire, onto a sodering iron. But ,alas, i saw the electric spoon advertised in an air plane mail order catalog on the way from sacto to vegas when i was returning to utah from my weekend visit. That plan ride was kind of neat because there was a bunch of lighting in the desert near vegas. On the ride from vegas to cedar city i saw the most lightning i had ever seen. I was rare when 4 seconds would go by without a flash, We saw lightning striking on the side of the road. I was crazr-ass lightning. It would rain so hard too that the traffic would be going like 20 mph on a desert highway. A lot of cars were pulled over because they were scared to drive. I was riding in Pauls grand am with him and trevor. They were scared but i thought the lightning was neato. That was the same trip where i bought a whopper (actually probably a big king) with my atm card because i spent my money on slot machines in the airport, but thats a different story. Well actually its the same story.