Welcome to Tuesday the 12th of Jan, 1999

So i think i broke my tooth. I actually think i broke it around xmas but i think it cracked more today/last night. i have the problem of grinding my teeth in my sleep. My teeth are all real short and i have no fangs. The dentist told me that i should get a special mouth piece. The mouth piece cost 300 bucks and i didnt get it. Instead i went to Outdoor world in santa cruz and bought a hockey mouth piece for 2 bucks. I wore it some but im afraid its aligning my jaw badly so i stopped wearing it. Now i got another mouth piece for 86 cents from Copplands sports here in sacto that i will try to make more fitting to my mouth tonight. Anyways my dentist apointment is next tuesday so hopefully my tooth will hold together til then.

So i think everyone should watch david letterman every night because he keeps talking about Y2K. He even changed the name of the show to 'david letterman's countdown to the millenium.' He talks about Y2K with guests and his solution is 'reboot.' He then says 'i dont know what it means.' So its funny. Scully started going off about Y2K last night (and surprizingly not sounding as dumb as she usually does in interviews) whne letterman asked her about if she preparing. She says when have to get back to the non-tech stuff. I say 'not if it includes no video games.' Nuts to that! The end.