Monday the 11th of Jan 1999

SO heres the big story you'all been waiting for. Yesterday I was coming home from Mervyn's (my usual sunday hangout) and I drove by a Yard sale on Fst between 28th and 29th. I saw something that looked kind of like a little oven on the sidewalk and thought ' i wonder what that is' and kept driving home. Then i was home for about a half and hour when Lisa and I were getting ready to go look for a new place to live. We decided to look because on friday night our ceiling started leeking again. Weve had two leaks in the past, one in the bathroom and one over the kitchen sink. The one over the toilet resulted in the landlord, frank, coming over and looking as it. then he asked for a 'pointing thing' and i gave him a screw driver, he then poked it into the ceiling and made a 1 inch diameter hole. Then nothing else happened and it stopped dripping so he left and never fixed the hole. I later on fixed it by sticking wet toilet paper over the hole like paper mach-a and then spraying it with a little hair spray. and the hole has been covered up ever since.

The second leek was really good. It was in the kitchen over the sink. We came home and the ceiling had grown a huge tumor. The rubbery paint and cloth over the sheetrock was so strong it held the water and wet sheetrock together. So basically it was a big 2 foot bubble dripping off of the ceiling. We called the landlord had him come over and cut the tumor down (i had drained it earlier by taping a x-acto knife to a broom and poking it as i stood arounf the corner). So after the tumor was cut down there was a huge peice of our ceiling missing. It took him like 2 months to fix the hole. the whole time little pieces of plaster would fall out of it into the sink. After he put new sheetrock over the hole has was supposed to paint it but that hasnt happened.

So anyways, we had a new leak in the sheetrock over the kitchen sink again and thought 'aye carumba, dont have a cow, man' and then thought ' we should just move.' So i went and got a paper (it was a saturday and i went and bought a paper from surans cheaper and the paper turned out to be the day befores). We made a list of possible places and decided to go look when i thought 'Hey that thing at the yard sale may have been one of those portable dishwashers that the kids these days always take about.'

So i decide to drive by the yard sale again and told lisa nd she said 'yes' or 'ok.' So we drove by and i parked and went to the yard sale when lisa stayed in the car (little did we know that she had steeped in doggie-do on the way to car and poo on some of the garbage on my passenger side floor).

I walked up to the yard sale and saw that htere was no one watching it, it was around 4 - 4:30 on sunday and they were probably hoping people would just take the rest of the stuff to save them from hauling it away. So i looked that the dishwasher and it was portable and was dirty but looked like it had all the parts. Some guy on a bike rode up and asked me if it was my garage sale and i said 'no.' Then he started talking to me about the dishwasher and how i could clean it with bleech and hot water. He was too talky and ther was no price on the dishwasher so i thought 'man, this thing is probably broken and they probably want like 20 bucks for it.' So i took off and we drove around to see that all the possible moving places sucked. We decided we would go back to the sale so llisa could see the dishwasher and maybe see how much it was. so we went back

There still was no one there. We looked at it and i decided to find out how much it was. The door to the house was opened and there were a couple big guys watching some sporting event on the television. SO i yell 'hey, how much for the dishwasher' and the guy said 'umm 5 i think, or was it 10' and the other guy said 'its mine and its 5 bucks' so i handed one of the guys a five and lisa and i wheeled the dishwasher to my car only to find out that BMWs were not made to haul washers. So i left lisa on the sidewalk with the washer and my pocket knife (i think she also had pepper spray but she wasnt carrying the colt 32). I speed home (until i got stuck behind a slow van that stopped at a green light) and got the mini-van and drove back and got lisa and the dishwasher.

we brought the washer inside and wiped the spider webs out of the inside and bottom. Then we took it in to the kitchen and tryed it out and it seemed to work. After running it a while the drain tube finally got unplugged and brown stuff shot out. It seems to run fine

We were happy that we were able to get a $5 dishwasher that works. Now we dont have to worry about cleaning cups and glasses (i have trouble cleaning pint glasses because i have big video game hands and another result of my big hands is that i have big nostrols). I got cut by a pint glass that had a chip in it once, but thats a totally different story, well not really.