So its the 6th day of the new year and i sick already

Lisa got sick on the weekend and now i have caught her sickness. But im still at work, got to use that one sick day a month wisely. I figure if i feel worse tomorrow i'll stay home and be glad that i saved my sick day. I'll probable leave early today, though.

So i ended 1998 with a bang. I got off work early on thursday and went to the shooting range at Spenceville Wildlife Refugee with lisa and steve mar. I got to test out the new Ar-15 that i built from a kit and it worked great. The sights were all lined up and it shot like a dream. The new years eve night kind of sucked, though. I rarely drink on new years eves and this one was no exception. The first time i drank was on a new years eve when i was 16. We played drinking games with wine coolers and ciscos. There was jar of home made Kaulua that i was scared to death of. I knew that if i lost and had to drink it i would definitly throw up. So i paid attention and didnt have to drink any of the Kaulua, I think zack ended up having to keep drink it.

So its less than a year til Y2K. I figure i'll prepare, just because its fun, for the worse. I think we'll mostly get ammo, water and food. I dont want to deal with a generator. We live in an apartment with bars on the window so we should be pretty secure. We'll have to have lots of cat food on reserve because when they get hungry they get annoying. Last night Sluggo was pawing at the bedroom door forever. It woke both lisa and me up. i wanted to smack her (the cat not lisa). If you do go and open the door she looks at you and meows and then runs away. I got her back by tying a little watch game to her tail so she runs around in circles. The game has a couple little bb's in it and you try to get them in the pumpkins eye holes. But it rattles and the cat doesnt like having it on its tail. Who would imagine?

So last year a lot of exciting stuff happened. I got my degree and got a new temporary job and got a whole bunch of guns. I also got a bunch of videogames. i went and lived in Utah for a month that was .... different.

Utah actually is a pretty cool state. There are a lot of mormons and god-people there, so you dont have to worry about people breaking into your house as much. It like 85% goverment owned land, so its really easy to find places to shoot for free. They have highways in the desert that are gravel that go for miles and miles. I went to a summer field camp through Southern Utah Univeristy in order to get my BS in geology. I, along with other sac state geology majors, pick SUU because it sound like the easiest field camp. There was no report writing, just drawing maps and crud. We would get home by 5 each day and lived in apartments and played lots of nintendo 64 james bond game. I would always laugh when i would shoot someone in the face with the auto-shotgun in the james bond game. That would annoy some people. Other people at the camp were [pretty funny, there were hippies, fags and marines. One of the marines got half his pinky finger cut off by a falling rock. He stayed in the class, though. he did end up cheating of me for one map, though. But he liked guns and had a FA (full auto) AK 47 at home in oregen (i just had to look in a thomas guide to figure out how to spell oregon).

We would also watch movies there. I got mad at trevor because he thought the new zorro movie was better then repoman. I didnt see the zorro movie but i am sure Repoman is better. We also went and saw Aramageddonn. It was the worst movie i saw. i wanted to cry because i paid like 6 bucks to see it. i walked out during the end. other people in the camp thought it was good. i just told them that they were wrong. I saw it again when bill rented it and it sucked then too.

On the last day of mapping i made a cow skeleton in to a cow. one leg had like 3 bones and one had 2. I couldnt figure out where all the bones went. That actually was the 2nd to last day of mapping. The last day of mapping a group of us (me, chris, trevor, jim and roger (a tri-athelete from southgate who was forced to live with a bunch of nintendo players)) would climb up hills and hide under trees (not too many trees in the desert) and throw rocks at things and roll rocks down hills. Then when the fat chick complained we made fun of her for being fat, but not to her face. I would also grab old rifle bullet brass to use as whistles to annoy people.

Also in Utah, i shot a shotgun without ear plugs, and it was the loudest thing i ever heard. Shooting the 22lr rifle wasnt bad with out ear plugs. i tryed the 32 calibur colt pistol and it was pretty loud without ear plugs.