SO its a New Year

From Mon Jan 4 13:55:13 1999 Date: Wed, 30 Dec 1998 14:46:15 -0800 (PST) From: Jeff Downing To: "Dave (Ninja) Branum"

Wanna go to E'town?

I pretty much decided that I needed to escape the dreary days of Sactown for something (anything) else. The job was getting quite droll. The stupid swede was being stupid. The old Caltrans guy was being old. The bosses were being bossy. I hadn't taken any time off of work since July. I needed to get the fuck out of town. Oh, and it was Xmas, I ain't a christian (pagan by nature) so there is another good reason.

Packed up my '63 Plymouth Valiant Station wagon with my general supplies and took off on Wednesday morning 'bout 9 am. It was cold, very cold. Been down to the low 20's. That just ain't right for Sacto. It was clear at least. I started driving after stopping to get fuel and my mail at my little PO Box. I got 2 bills for me and Mohamad Abrihim's Sear credit card bill. I thought it was mine at first cause I just grabbed my mail and ran. Didn't notice until later that it wasn't my Sears bill. Oh well, maybe I will take it back to the Post Office, maybe not.

I made good time and didn't have to stop and go pee until I hit Willits. I got more fuel and proceeded on my way. I saw a peach truck on the highway. I do mean peach. That was the color. It were some non Mopar truck but it was painted some ungodly peach color. Didn't even look half as good as my Omaha Orange Valiant.

I got to E'town (Eureka) about 2pm. 5 hours, not bad. I went over to the Little Sleazers where Parks works. He has half a brain so he is the Assistant Manager. That is all you need to get ahead in the minimum wage world, half a brain. He was pretty tuckered out from heavy drinking the night before. He offered me some pizza but I weren't hungry. I ended up helping him with his Little Sleazer chores. I moved flour, and cans of sauce. Then I helped make dough. I also learned all the secrets of making Sleazy Pizza. The crazy bread butter sauce stuff looked thick enought to stop anyones heart. All the produce comes pre chopped. Sheesh, (rant warning) when I was a wee lad working in my Aunt and Uncles Pizza place we had to do all that shit by ourselves! Doing onions could kill you! I would have to load up the slicer thing, put the weight on the onions, turn on the slicer and run. The fumes could maim from 10 yards! Pre sliced, what pussies! (end rant) We did all this while listening to the complete Sewer Trout cd that I brought Parks.

Then Parks boss showed up and we went to take the previous days cash to the bank. Got to see his newly acquired ride, some 80's Celica. Also saw the store front that serves as Robb's storage locker for his janitorial job. After deciding that it wasn't worth it to steal the paultry couple hundred bucks in the deposit bag and putting it in the bank we got to leave Sleazers. Went to Arcata where Parks resides in your typical college town slum.

He was still pretty wacked from all his intake of highly combustables. He showed me his Ninja game on Playstation. I played. I sucked. I watched him play. He sucked. He blamed it on his less than sharp state. I called Robb and left a message for him to call me when he got done cleaning toilets. He did at about 5:30 or so. Parks looked half dead, so I told him I would hook up with him the next day after Robb went to clean more toilets. He agreed. I think he pretty much didn't move off of the couch after I left.

Went to Robbs new place. He and his hooker moved out of the big ole weird place after all the other roomates bailed and they had a huge place with just 2 of em. The new place was quaint. Robb said that it is next to a tard house and that there are more tards living in the building they are in. Said that the tards are are all pretty nice, but can be somewhat off kilter sometimes. We was hungry so we bundled up and went out to find some grub. Chinese was the order of the night.

The Chinese place was your typical Chinese place, you know run by a Chinese family and they served Chinese food. I ordered sweet and sour pork and had a couple of Sapporo's, Robb had Kung Pao shrimp and a Tsingtao, and his hooker, Jessica, had some green bean thing and a Tsingtao. We all got carded cause they look like 12 year olds. We also had some crab cakes for an appetizer. I managed to not get any sauce on me. I tried some of the Shrimp and some of the green beans. Not bad. I paid with some dollars, Jessica paid with her tip money (mostly nickels and dimes) and Robb used his ATM card. Poor Chinese restaurant people. They had to deal with some low life punks with a paper bag full of change.

After dinner we went back to the apartment and decided on getting a movie. Partially because Robb and Jessica needed to return a couple of movies they already had, partially cause it was Wednesday and there ain't much on Wednesdays on TeeVee. We got some movie with a bunch of people that I don't remember who they were. 'Cept John Lithgow was in it. It was about some pot growing guys and all the shit they get into and all. It was ok, if you like Pot smoking.

Afterwards It was beadtime. Jessica was getting a ride to Frisco for that christian holiday pretty early, and I was tired. I am used to turning in pretty early. I slept on the couch with my sleeping bag. The two stoopid cats kept waking me up for awhile. Chasing each other back and forth. If we had been at my house I woulda shot em with my BB gun, lucky bastards. Finally I put in my punk rock show earplugs that I threw in my bag for just such an emergency, remember, be prepared!

I slept pretty good. Didn't even hear them cats no more, or Jessica when she left. Woke up and Robb decided to make a splendid breakfast. Took us about 3 hours to wake up, cook and eat. Perfect. We had turkey eggs, rye toast, bacon and sausage. mmmmm. Robb loves to cook good ole fashioned heart stopping artery clogging breakfasts. Jessica is a veggie head so it was nice to have another flesh eater around.

We chatted for awhile before he had to head off to work. He is a working jainitor man now. Last time I visited, in fact, every other time I have visited Robb has been an unemployed struggling artist type living off of spare change. What a change, now he is a working janitor man! He had to clean the IRS building, the courthouse and Vinny DePaul (the mission place). VDP was the worst place he said cause you get all kinds of bums with bowel problems exploding in the can and he was the lucky stiff that got to clean it. He was hoping that he would be giving up that place to some new guy soon.

I left and went back to Arcata to hang out with Parks. When I arrived we ended up playing more Playstation. 3 hours later we decided we should go to Safeway and get some supplies seeing how everything was gonna be closed on the holiday. We bought sushi fixins, a frozen apple pie, beer (Henrys, PBR, and some Red Tail and Downtown Brown for the next day at Robbs), bread, cheese, pesto, popcorn and some Tums. We figured that would hold us over till the stores opened again.

Went back to his place and holed up. Ate the cheese n pesto n bread. Then Parks made sushi. He is actually quite adept at making the stuff. It was good too, almost like he knew what he was doing. Then we played more Playstation and watched his cable. I don't have cable, but I like to watch it when I am on vacation. That about summed things up for the rest of that day and almost all of the christian holiday the next day.

Finally at about 6pm on jesus day Robb called and said he was about to leave Vinney DePaul's and head home. He wanted to know if I wanted a Barbie. There were some leftover toys sitting around at VDP's. I said no thanks and told him I'd see him shortly. Said my goodbyes to Parks and left him some leftover beer and took off.

Robb was already home when I got there. We made tacos for dinner. Meat, beans, cheese, lettuce, sauce and beer. That Robb ain't a bad cook. We sat around the table drinking and yapping for awhile before deciding to head over to an E'town punk rock party. I wondered how it would relate to drunken free for alls that happen at the Archbishops place.

It was a short walk, we packed a spack with us. There was a really nice '66 Dart 4 door parked in front of the house. I would have drooled it if I really liked Darts, but I am a Valiant man so I just commented that it was nice, for a Dart. Robb said one of his old roomies drove it.

Inside the house there was lots of jesus day decorations and shit. Yuck. Robb introduced me to some people who's names escape me. I saw one guy that looked like a cheap whore version of our very own Sactown transvestite/crossdresser/whatever Dave Downey. Also saw, uh I think his name was Mike, that I had met once when he and Robb came to Sacto. We chatted a bit and watched a 15 year old punk girl with 4 different color hair guard her 12 pack of Oly. We figured she new she wouldn't be getting any more beer anytime soon so she had better hoard it.

It was kinda weird being at an E'town punk party. Too much budweiser. Lots of wine and eggnog. The tunes covered Devo, DK, and the Pogues. There was a crazy happy go lucky dog running around thriving on the attention of the partygoers. There was a cool blowup KISS chair complete with cup holders that someone got for the holiday. They took a group poloroid, so my face is on the wall at some punk house in E'town.

I missed the everyone pitch in to buy a bunch of beer from cheaper attitude of the Archbishops, but I would get back to that soon enough. All in all they were a friendly lot.

After awhile we headed back and crashed for the night.

I left early in the morning, well early being about 8 am. I made the trip back in about 5 hours again without much incidence.

And that boys and girls is how I spent Jesus's birthday.