From: Jeff Downing To: "Dave (Ninja) Branum"

ok, so here, read about the softballs trips in september, you obviosly need something to do.


Intro: So for days and days and days I keep hearing about Billdo and his San Francisco softball games every wednesday night. We live in Sacto and it seemed to be a long way to go for softball, but I don't play so what would I know. Well, after months about hearing the weekly softball game tales I decided that I needed to go. So I did.

Sept 2, 1998 - Billdo emailed me and told me that we needed to leave at 5:30pm. Okay, I was ready. I dressed in my Junk yard shorts and brought along a sweatshirt in case it got cold. It was 106 degrees in Sacto so I figured that it couldn't be below 60 in Frisco. I got to Billdo and Dave's before they did and found them not home and the door unlocked. hmmmm. Ok, I knocked, but did not get a response so I let myself in so I could enjoy some AC and wait for them to show up. Then the Canuck came out, she had been hiding in one of the back rooms. She is from Toronto and had some crazy idea of vacationing in the swealtering heat bath we call Sacto. I figured she must be possessed to even think about vacationing here, but then again I live here and go elsewhere, any elsewhere, when I vacation.

I found out later that she was trying to scam on the Archbishop "Smith". Hmmm, why would anyone be interested in a short hairy Jewish Spaniard troll like him. Well, I ain't no chick so what do I know about the attractiveness of holy men.

She introduced herself and said she had to take a shower before the softball game, OK. I read the latest issue of MRR and waited for softball boy and the Archbishop to get home from work. While waiting, Karen (Bills misstress) called and said she is running late and that we can go without her....HA! I smelled an attempt to dodge the softball mission.

Dave and Bill got home and I filled them in on the details of Karen's call, Bill said that there is no way that she is gonna be able to pull that trick on us...she has the car with AC so we waited.

Karen did show up and then the heated discussion about her participation in the trip began. I just cowered in the living room with the Canuck and waited for all the yelling to stop. She did get off the hook and so it turned out to be Bill, Dave, the Canuck and me. Dave dutifully laughed at me for only brining a sweatshirt and let me also use his cop jacket. Good thing too.

So we headed out the door and were about to load up into the car when Bill decided he should really get his glove and shoes out of the trunk of the decrepid Fox. Then Dave reminded him to remember his batting glove, so he ran up to the apartment to get that. Then he decided he is gonna take his bat, so back to the Fox's trunk. Then he remembered something else upstairs...he ran around a bunch. We just stood there and sweated while he gathered his stuff.

Then we were off. Full power running on the AC. Someone must have radioed ahead because there was hardly any traffic. As we got closer we used the car pool lane (thereby saving Bill a $271 tickiet) and made awesome time.

The Game was down near Army Street, we stopped at a corner store and I bought a 6 pack of 16oz Miller High Life (formerly The Champagne of Beers), we dropped Bill off for his 7:45 game and head over to McDonalds for 29 cent hamburger Wednesday. Well, this is Frisco so they don't have 29 cent Hamburger Wednesdays, they have 49 cent hamburgers everyday. I bought a bag of burgers and we headed back to catch the game.

We arrived to find Billdo sitting in the stands talking to some chick that he and Dave met when they used to live in Frisco awhile back. First thing he says is "You guys are really gonna hate me." Turned out that the game is at 9:00pm. Bill is early for the first time. So we kicked back, chomped on a few burgers, had a beer (except Bill), Dave pulled out some whiskey, and we waited.

Hal and Annemarie showed up before long. Annemarie lives in Sacto and is hoping for a ride home. OK. The game turns out to be at the other field so we move over there and take our positions in the stands. I liked the other field because the bleachers had a bunch of trees for a wind break. There isn't one at this field so the cool Frisco breeze chills me.

Bill went 0 for 3 with a strikeout and two groundouts. We cheered for him relentlessly, offering him free cheeseburgers if he got a hit. It didn't work. He did field a couple of balls rather cleanly. Dave told me about the days when Bill was a stellar athlete. Back in the skinny days.

Somehow we managed to entertain ourselves as the game progressed. We tried to get the Canuck to speak Canadian and say words like "about". We watched a rather large androgenous child run around the stands. I was sure it was a girl and Dave finally agreed with me when he could vaguely make out the training bra straps. Dave filled me in on the different players on Bills team and their level of skill and intensity (if any). Dave got beer poured on his head for making some stupid comment. I put a borrowed sweatshirt on like a skirt to keep warm. Dave complained about how he shoulda waited awhile longer before getting his hair cut. Short hair and cold air don't mix.

Luckily Bill's team is in rare form and they won quite handily, despite the whiney other team. The other team wanted one more inning because they still have 5 minutes left of their maximum 1 hour and 10 minute field time. But too late, the field lights went off and it is off to the 20 Tank Brewery for a couple of pitchers, beer that is, cold, frosty, for drinking.

We headed off to the Brewery, Bill and a carload of drunks, well maybe Dave was good and drunk by then, I was mildly intoxicated. Bill blatently ran a red light, something he does quite often I hear, and sure enough there is a cop at the intersection (he must have known Bill was in town). We mangaged to get our seat belts buckles before the cop gets close enough to see.

Bill fessed up that he ran the light but the officer seemed to be more interested in the alchoholic cloud that permeated every inch of the car. All us drinkers immediatly volunteered our intoxicatedness to try and spare Bill. He checked Bills eyes, but didn't believe that he was sober and wanted to test him outside the car. We thought that Bill was doomed. Even sober he doesn't appear very coherent. But luckily he got to take a pocket breathalizer. YEAH! He blew a monster .00 and was cleared of any alchohol consumption and the cop let him off for running the red light because he was "Being responsible". We were then off to celebrate the saving of another $250 ticket by drinking at the brewery.

At the brewery we saw a couple of hip hookers, they seemed to be checking out our table of punks and softball players. The Canuck put some tunes on the juke box. We figured out that BTO and Men Without Hats are the only Canadian bands we know of. We drank beer and feasted on a plate of midget fried potatoes and nachos.

Then later, we went home. I went to work at 10:30 am. Dave is rumored to have had the sweats at work and actually went home to rest for awhile before finishing his time at the shop.

Wow. More fun than can be possibly imagined. Can't wait till next week.

Sept 9, 1998 - Bill and I were the only two to brave the trip to Frisco for the softball game this week... Dave was useing work as his excuse, something about having to go to some computer training in Mt. View the next day and being stuck with a Megadeath T-shirt wearing hippie or something. Whatever.

Bill got the game time correct this time. We left at about 7:00 pm for the 9:00 pm game. We made excellent time once agian. I am beginning to believe that I am partially to blame for that. I guess only time will tell though.

On the drive down Bill told me about the Nauru chick visit over the weekend. She bought Dave about $65 worth of booze. Apparently she is also selling plaster cast molds of her vagina for $150 on her web site. She is also showing her tits on her web cam in order to compete in the great web cam chick contest. I guess you can't win if you don't show some flesh.

This time the game was at the fields at Eddy and Gough. We can't really figure out how to pronounce Gough. Is it GO, like the kooky one eared impressionistic painter, or GOFF. Oh well, it is not like it made any difference to us. We stopped at a corner store that BIll said he would never have visited before because of the twin tower projects that were accross the street. But these towers had been blown up so the neighborhood safety had improved quite a bit.

I was denied the purchase of beer at this store due to a suspended liquor liscense. DOH! Someone had been very bad. The next store was much more accomidating. I bought a 6 pack of Miller High Life 12 oz cans that did indeed say "The Champagne of Beers" I was very pleased. I also purchased a bag of Funions.

We drove over to the field and parked. I was much more prepared this time. I wore long pants and brought both a sweatshirt and a jacket. No butt freezing for me. BIll however had to bum a glove because he left his at his dad's in San Jose over the weekend. What a moron.

While waiting for the game to start I began to worry that I would have to watch the dreaded game all by myself. Bill thought that Brad might show up and Jennifer said she would show up. So I sipped on my Miller and waited for some company. Bill meanwhile went to find a toilet to hover over and poop.

Just before game time Jennifer showed up. She got mad cause all the Funyons were gone by then.

The opposing team was a bunch of younger serious looking guys. Bill mentioned some sort of incident with Dave last time they played. Dave was probably drunk so they probably wanted to kick his ass. That is how it is with Dave, if you are in the same room with him, you just get this incredible urge to kick his ass. This is magnified by a factor of 10 if he has been drinking. I was wishing Dave was there so I could watch him get beat up. Maybe next time.

The other team jumped off to an early lead, something like 13-2. I thought that Bills team was finished. Surely they would invoke the mercy rule soon. But a funny thing happened. Bills team made a miraculous comeback. The one armed first baseman knocked in the go ahead run. That had to hurt. Lettting a one armed guy get the better of you.

After the game we decided to skip the brewery and head over to check out Jennifers place. It is a 2 bedroom place with a garage. The garage is chocked full of car shit. It was cool. Matt was just finishing cleaning up from working on a car when we got there.

We got the grand tour, had some burritos purchased from down the street and sat around and watched Jennifer play the piano. Bill borrowed a demolition derby video tape to watch too.

Finally it got late enought that we decided we should go home.

I got home just before 2:30 am again. Ouch!

Dave is supposed to be in Mt View next week too, but hopefully we can shame him into showing up for the game.

Sept 16, 1998 - Ugh, I did't know if I could live through another day at work after a late night softball trip. I was still trying to recover from a beer run to Nevada City on friday, a 30th Birthday party (earlier) and a BBQ (later) on Saturday, and marching and drinking in the Constitution Day parade and following BBQ on Sunday. Just what I needed was to stay out late.

Bill started hounding me to go to softball early on Wednesday. I think he really just wanted me to go so that he could use the car pool lane on the way down. There must be 3 people in the car in order to use the lane and there is no Bay Bridge toll ($2 per car) for car poolers. The game was an early one, it was scheduled to start at 6:30 pm, and I think that is what swayed me. There was a definate chance to get home well before 2:30 am. Besides that, I really didn't have anything else to do.

I showed up at Bill's at the annointed time for a 4 o'clock departure. Karen was going to go down with us also. Dave once again had a hot date with that Metallica T-shirt wearing Starsky & Hutch loving programmer from work. Well, maybe not that hot, but it did require him to go to Mt. View again for training and miss yet another exciting softball adventure.

We loaded up int the bumperless Honda Accord and headed out after a stop at the AM PM for some food for the car and us. I got a corndog and a jug of Mt. Dew. Bill got sunflower seeds, a corndog, a cup of mustard and a snapple. He managed to get most of the mustard on the ground though. Karen got something non descript to drink. The car got low grade unleaded. The price of gas has jumped 6 cents since sunday. Upt to $1.05 a gallon. How can gas get 6 cents more expensive in 3 days!!! Fucking oil companies.

We made good time driving down till we hit Dixon. There was what looked like a 2 car accident minus one of the cars that made everyone look. Luckily it wasn't a big snarl. Karen had a cigarette and opened the window. That meant that all the cool AC got sucked out the window and I had to sweat until she finished sucking on the damn fag.

Bill still didn't have his glove, he left it at his dad's 2 weeks ago, and was thinking about hitting Big 5 to buy a new one. That was the main topic of conversation. Karen and I refused to make any suggestion about whether he should stop and buy one or not. Not stopping finally won out.

Karen squirmed the whole way down. I guess she doesn't appreciate Bills driving skills. He threads through traffic with the greatest of ease. He only almost hit someone once. Quite impressive.

When we got to Berkeley the traffic started getting thick and we started zipping past everyone because of the car pool lane. Bill did have to cut across 5 or 6 lanes of traffic to get onto the Bay Bridge from the diamond lane. This made Karen a bit nervous, but she managed to not squawk too loudly.

Once we got into Frisco Karen insisted that we stop by Victors Pizza for a slice. She loves the place, used to stop in all the time when they (Bill and Karen) lived in Frisco. We got 3 slices of plain cheese to go. Yum.

On the way to the park I saw a '65 Dart Stationwagon with roofrack. No Valiants though.

Then we got to the ballpark, the same one as last week. I picked up my standard 6 pack of Miller High Life (16 ouncers this time) and we waited for things to get started. Somehow we managed to be early again. Must have been the diamond lane. Carpooling rocks.

Bill's team started showing up and they took to the field for some practice. Then some other Frisco punks started showing up. Brad and one of his Floridian roomates. Floyd, a big girlish guy with bad teeth. Some skinny chick with some Japanese guy (there were too many to remember all the names), and finally Alissa.

Karen spent alot of time looking for a bathroom. The field bathrooms were closed for quite awhile before someone finally opened them up.

The other team never showed so Bill's team, the Hop Heads (it only took me 3 weeks to get the name right) won by default. That makes them undefeated since I started to attend games. I hear that they are 6 and 2. Pretty good for a bunch of fat slow and crippled guys. The field was paid for so they decided to have a pick up game including the 2 guys from the other team that did show. They even suckered the Floridian to play.

I sat in the stands and sucked on a pint of Miller.

Bill got to engage in beer drinking and softball playing simultaneously. He was in heaven. Mormanly there is no drinking allowed by the players and your team could forfit if the umps see any player drinking. So Bill drank with gusto, this was not a typical event.

Bill got a couple of hits and even scored a run. He runs the bases like an overloaded wheelbarrow. He even cleanly fielded a grounder while he was playing second base and even threw the runner out! I wonder why he don't play that well in real games.

Karen even played for half an inning. Then she forgot she was playing and started chatting with the Alissa.

When the field time was up we headed over to the 20 tank for beers. We stopped at the ATM so Bill could get money and so I could pee in the bushes. All that Mt Dew and Miller finally caught up with me.

We passed the site of Bill's most recent cop incident 2 weeks earlier and got to the bar. Matt from Fuckface was arriving just as we were. I don't know who Matt from Fuckface is but Bill did and bought him, dressed in drag, and his date, a real girl, beers. It was her birthday, or so she told us.

Then we drank beer, ate a pizza, garlic fried mini potato wedges. Oh, and drank beer.

Jennifer didn't show up, something about stuffing Gearhead magazines or something. She got in trouble with Matt (her husband) because she didn't specifically tell him I was coming down, just that some of the "guys" were coming down. I left some sort of half coherent message on their answering machine scolding them.

They promise to show next week.

After all the food and beer was consumed Bill and I left for home. Karen went with Alissa. Karen was going to San Jose the next day.

We listened to my new favorite tape by those punk rock idols Old Skull on the way back. Yeah, "Gonna kill a dead eagle!" Got home by midnite and went to bed.

I still haven't gotten to see Dave get into a fight yet. Oh well, I guess that it what keeps me going back for more. The schedule says there are only a couple more games, and then what the hell will I do on Wednesdays?

Sept 23, 1998 - 2 hours before we are due to leave Bill emails me that Karen isn't going with us and that we won't be able to use the car pool lane. I seriously consider killing him.

I get busy and sucker Pete (my current renter) into going on one of the lame brained softball excursions. I even laughed at Pete as he said yes, fool. Pete and I hooked up at the house and then made our way downtown to meet Bill and begin yet another adventure to Frisco to watch softball.

As we walked up to Bill and Dave's place they are peering at us over the railing toting Bills new bayonet tipped pig hunting gun. It was a $90 purchase from Big 5. Heavy piece of shit. Bill, Brad, Steve Mar, Dave Ninja and others are planning a big pig hunt. Archbishop Dave Smith says he is gonna just take a handgun and guard the ice chest and only shoot if the damn pig tries to steal any beer. I like the thought of that better than running around trying to shoot a damn wild pig. But I drink High Life, so what do I know.

Bill tells us that the reason Karen isn't going is because she took the Honda to San Ho for a job interview. The impending move for her is looming closer I guess. Because she took the Honda (with the Old Skull tape in it) we are forced to drive the decrepit Fox. The Fox is a piece of shit car to be sure. It is dirty and cramped. The drivers side seat is broken leaving the driver with only a partial back rest. Bummer for Bill, he was the driver, Pete and I were both merely car pool lane material. Karen was going to meet us at the game though.

We stopped at AM PM again to fill up on snacks. I bought a couple of bags of Funyons so that Jennifer wouldn't get sore at me again for eating them all before she got there. I knew I couldn't eat two bags of those things at one sitting. There was a '66 Valiant Signet at the gas station, it is owned by some guy named Jerry or something like that, I admired his car, it was clean. I even complement him despite the fact that it is a '66. Then we left.

Made the trek to frisco pretty damn quick. This time we discover that we don't need to cut across a million lanes of traffic to get to the Bay bridge. The car pool lane has it's own ramp that takes us clean through the toll plaza. Oh yeah, the lines at the plaza were huge, but we sailed by them laughing the whole way. I think we made it in about the same amount of time as last week.

While driving down we hatch a plan to leave the Fox in Frisco and then have Karen drive us home so that Bill can get sloppy drunk. Sounds perfect. The Honda is so much more comfortable than the stupid Fox, and the Old Skull tape is in it.

We were early into the city again so I made Bill stop by Victors Pizza again for another slice of pizza, and I bought a 12 pack of my old softball companion Miller High Life. Bill threw in a spack (6 pack) of Pabst that he had at home as well. I called Hal, he was still out of town, Jennifer and Matt, to reassure them that we were going to be there, and Neil, he was happy to join us as Wendy (his woman) was busy watching 90210 and shit like that on the tube tonight. Then we left for the fields at Gough.

I had a feeling that the Hop Heads were going to win. I watched the team they were scheduled to play a couple of weeks earlier and I was pretty confident that Bill's team could beat them. I was right. Bill got 2 hits and scored a run. It was great. There was a big rooting section for him this time. Brad and the tall skinny chick and some punk named Anthony, Karen, Jennifer and Matt, Me, Pete, and then Neil. Wow, what a crowd.

Got to hear Brad tell tales of going to Mustang Ranch for a blowjob, drank some High Life, heard about Neils trip to Ireland, and how Jennifer has been feeling sick lately. Oh, well. So the game ended on a positive note that the Hop Heads are 7 and 2 (4 and 0 when I am in attendance). Next week the team plays the super serious teal clad all stars of the league. Looking for a route of Bills team.

We hung out for awhile after the game was over to finish up our beers and watch Bill work his magic on Karen so he wouldn't have to drive back and so I could get my dose of Old Skull in the Honda. It worked. Bill left his Fox at Brads, Pete and I road with Neil and everyone headed over to the 20 Tank for a beer, or two.

The high point of at the 20 Tank was the buttload of Japanese tourists that took over the second floor of the brewery. They all looked to be about 16 or something but then again, what do I know. It sounded like they were doing Karioke or something. Every so often a pink faced tourist would come down the stairs to use the can. Finally, a couple of hours later one guy came down swaying severely. Brad gave Bill 4 to 1 odds that he wasn't gonna puke. Bill didn't take him up on the bet, he should have. Brad and Bill followed him into the can. He blew monster chunks. When he come out he walked by us wiping his face. We gave him an ovation as he walked by, he didn't realize it was for him.

We polished off our beers, hopped into the Honda, threw some Old Skull into the tape deck (Gonna kill a dead eagle) and started the trip home. Karen got us back safely and Pete and I rolled back to the house by 2am. whew. Next week should be great, end of the season and Dave will be back on the trip. Yeah!

Sept 30, 1998 - Last game. I wrote Bill the following email so that I could hear him try and get me to go to the game.

ME:Ok Billtari,

It is Wednesday. As per usual I want you talk me into going to sf (I am going) but I still like to be conned into going to your stupid softballs game.

so plead a little for me, just so it is like every other week.

BILL:Frisco stinks like monkey but carpool is so great and possibly the highlight of the trip, at least the last blow through with no toll pay anyway, and you will drink the beer and have fun and we play the team that says I'm a bat stealer and they are really good and will kick the butt but you will go so we wil the win and so you should and they are all bastards and if did wion they would want to fight and then you could see me get the beat up and you wouldn't want to miss that and then they would cry because they lost the game but be happy that they beat on someone so you wouldn't want to miss that and if there was an earhtquake in Frisco and you missed it you would be sad and, one of the most important reasons of all, we have a rental car to ride in which means three things; a car to beat on, a cushy ride, no Fox. and Dave is going so you will have buddy and maybe Jennifer is going but I don't know, but if you went then she might go and then you could see Jennifer and you would like it and I haven't watched her smash-up-derby tape yet and so will not be returning it yet and so she will be mad and beat me up aand that will be some entertainment for you and I will have the Old Skull tape for you and I will hate it and you won't and maybe Karen goes but good chances are she will come up with an excuse for not going and I will buy you a coca-cola and it is the last game so maybe everyone gets drunk and someone gets mad and drunk and maybe even at me and then they will beat me up and you would be upset if you missed it and maybe Brad will be there and if there is a girl around he will hit on her and that will be funny to watch and it is the last day of September and I got paid today and Dave got an E.T. coin purse through mail order today and maybe there will be the drunken asians and we can all place bets again on who will puke and you would be missing out on a great money making opportunity and it will be cold and you will have to drink lots to forget the cold and then you will get drunk and then softball won't seem to be completely miserable because the alcohol will be playing tricks with your mind and it is on army street so there will probably be pepperpots all over the place and if you and Dave went the carpool would work and then you would have better chance of talking Steve Mar into going and you will be in Frisco so you can eat sourdough, rice-a-roni, chocolate a lolipop shaped as the Golden Gate Bridge, chinese food and steal a coat from a homeless man and then you will be full and have sweets and a jacket and sometimes, at this field we are playing at tonight, people who are good can hit the softbalkls ove rthe fence and sometimes onto the freeway on-ramp and so maybe a car will get hit and you wouldn't want to miss that and you will get out of Sacto and go to work tommorrow hung over and tired and I will buy you a beer even though the beer is not too the good.

must have been a quiet day at work for him, like I am one to talk.

I left work at 3pm and headed home to gather my junk, sweatshirt, jacket, and long pants. Then stopped by the local stop n rob to pick up a pint of whiskey, I chose Canadian Club in memory of the Canuck from so many weeks ago. Then I stopped by McDonalds to pick up some 29 cent burgers. I bought a bag full and headed over to Dave and Bill's office for an impromtu picnic in the parking lot. They still needed to put in a bit more time at the office so Dave gave me the keys to their place and I went there and watched Cable teevee. It was nice.

They showed up around 5 and we packed up the rental Buick Le Sabre and headed out. The Buick was huge. A full sized vehicle with plush seats, am fm cassette, power windows and locks, air bags, anti lock brakes and a trunk big enough for dave to sprawl out in (an eash thing to do for a short troll).

We left at 5:36 from the AM PM, where I bought a Mt Dew and Bill bought a coke and Dave picked up a bunch of classified ad newpapers, and headed to frisco. We made good time. Dave watched the needle creep past 90 several times. Big fancy new cars with 1,800 miles on them tend to ride smooth and before you know it you are speeding.

Talk turned to Bill and Karen. Karen has pretty much run off to San Ho. Bill don't like San Ho, Karen don't like Sacto. Hmmmm. Hard to tell what is going to happen with those two.

We checked out the classifieds. Dave found a '75 Valiant 2 door with a 318 and no registration for $450 or best offer. He tore the ad out for me. I am going to try and buy that one. Sounds like just what I need.

Then Dave started questioning Bill's work ethic at the office. Why does Bill drive to work when he lives 2 blocks away? Doesn't Bill feel guilty when he takes an hour to do a job that only takes 30 minutes? Dave thought for sure that the baby jesus was crying because Bill is stealing from his employer. That made Bill uncomfortable. That was when he should have countered Dave with some similiar type logic but he didn't and Dave pressed him. I sat in the back and spit sun flower seeds all over the place....what the hell, it is a rental.

We hit the glorious car pool lane just after the Carquinez bridge and cruised quickly along till we hit the Bay bridge car pool lane turn off. Then we were stuck behind some old guy going only 45. UGH! It was maddening. Here we were stuck in slow while in the car pool lane travelling past hundreds and hundreds of cars stuck in the toll plaza and we could only go 45. Bill was displeased at the whole thing. Luckily we noticed that it was 6:42, we made Sacto to the Bridge in record time. Oh, even with the old pokey driver we still celebrated!

Traffic slowed down as we cruised down to the Army Street fields but we were still plenty early. We cruised by McDonalds again and Dave and I each had one more burger. They cost 89 cent in Frisco on 29 cent burger day. Man, Frisco is pricey. Then stopped by the corner store for a spack of 16oz High Lifes.

At the field there is only one set of bleachers and they were opposite the bench that Bill's team was using. We had to go sit "Deep in enemy territory" for the game. This deflated Dave's confidence. He needs that distance and some booze to get him psyched up for being an asshole to a whole team of fearless softball players. He said it is funny how a couple of severe beatings can take the piss and viniger out of you. I trusted him on that one.

We started sucking on our beers and waited for the games to begin. But then we got to see some cop and drug dealer action. Up the street we could see a bunch of flashing lights form some cop cars but it was far enough away that we weren't sure what was going on. About the time we saw Jennifer and Matt cruising towards the field we also saw a uniformed SFPD guy heading our way. Hmmm, what was up?

He headed our way pulled his gun and told these 3 guys standing behind the bleachers to drop to their knees and keep their hands out where he could see them. Another portly cop lumbered his way across the field to help him out. For a second a couple of guys on the team opposing Bill's team thought the cops wanted them to get on their knees. So we kind of sheepishly sat there and tried not to take too much notice of the cops and these three detainee's. One of the detainee's kept complaining about being harassed and that they got the wrong guys.

They cuffed em and had them sitting there for quite awhile. Long enough for me to finish my beer and pop open another. Matt and Jennifer finally thought it was safe enough an wandered over to the bleachers to join us. The cops kept them cuffed for quite awhile. The game even started in the meantime.

They finally let em go. Matt and Jennifer said that they were doing a drug bust. It seems that these guys had gotten away from the big scene up the street. The cops looked for their drugs but couldn't find them. Later after the cops left Jennifer saw the detainee's pick up their drugs. They had stashed them in a bin that they keep the chalk for the softball field lines in. DOH!! Then the drug dudes left the field and tagged a green electrical box at the corner as they left the park. Wow.

The Hop Heads lost to the team of teale, but that was pretty much expected. This team was known to be the best in the league. Although it was the first loss I have witnessed by Bill's team I was not dissapointed. Bill hit a couple of long balls but went o'fer for the evening. We did cheer him on though. During the game we were joined by Brad, the kooky red haired girl from the first week, the tall skinny black haired girl and a couple of other guys that I didn't catch the names of.

I was busy talking to Matt and making deals. I am gonna buy his old compressor, he is gonna help me with my next car project, I am gonna go check out a car at one of the yards to see if it has parts for jennifers car, and junk like that, so I was pretty busy being a car guy.

The game ended and we headed over to the 20 Tank again. Matt and Jennifer went home as did Brad and the others. So it was just the team, me, Bill, Dave, and the kooky chick.

The bar was quiet but we were eventually joined by Alice, some anthropology chick that helped the Archbishop get through a class or two. We ate and drank and eventually people started cutting out. We decided to go over to Alice's place in Oakland on the way home.

When we got there we met her hyperactive monster puppy dog and her old quiet mellow dog. Bill and Dave wrestled with the monster puppy dog. It was pretty big, already bigger than a Border Collie. It was kind of a Lab/Pit bull kinda mix. Something like that. We hung out there for awhile. Dave got slobbered on alot. I think he might like animal drool.

We finally left, Dave and I passed out promptly. Dave in the front seat fully tilted back and me in the back sprawled its entire length. Bill must have been tired because we stopped so he could sleep 2 or three times. I lost track. We got back to Sacto and I went home. Got home at 6:37. That is when I normally get up. So I went to sleep till 10am and then went to work. So much for working a full day.

Well, the season is over and there will be no more trips to Frisco for stoopid softballs, at least for now....