Dec 31st, 1998

So im working on this page on the 29th of december. I figure i'll use it for the end of the year page. On new years i think i'll be lazy and give you Jephs report of Bills softball season. Its pretty funny, lots of stories of bill driving bad. Right now im using a old account of mine and emailing this to my sacto account because sucks bigtime. It always is down and I always am bored. oh well, what are you gonna do, eh?

So its one year from today til Y2K eve. At dave smiths house there is a cabinet that is the Y2K storage locker. I think bill has been eating food out of it, tho. But he's outa the picture now (moved to san jose to fight, remeber?). I think there were some canned yams and canned corn in it. Dave got a Y2K suit. I figure i can wear my East german Border Guard uniform. that way people will think that we communists have taken over and give me food, or atleast not give me grief for carring a gun. We were hoping to have a compound ready for y2k but it looks like we wont. The apt that lisa and i live in now has bars on the windows, so its pretty protected. We still need to stock up on water, ammo, cat food, people food and tp. A lot of people dont think anything will happen, but better to se safe than sorry, right? any ways its a reason to buy guns and ammo.

I think my newest enemy are bums. I never minded them until they got all surly and acting mean. On the way to work on xmas eve a bum asked for change and i acted clueless and said something like 'dont got none' and walked on. The guy then called me a 'f--king retard' behind my back. I should have said 'What did you say, chimp-o?' and then get all in his face. then i could have pepper sprayed him and went to work. But instead i just got mad and thought what i should have done. I figured i would walk by there on my way home and see if he was still there and whether he would say something again (which would be a 1% chance of all that happening). But instead i got out of work early and had to stop by the capitol to change the seismograph record and wino park (where the mean bum was) wasnt on the way.

Another bum one time on the way home asked me for 5 bucks. like i would want to give up a good half an hour of work (i.e. typing something like this) to someone i didnt know. When i said 'dont got none' he then asked for ones. and i still said 'dont got none.' Its like when im feeling generous (hardly ever) and a bum asks me for money and all i have are pennies or nickels and i give it to him and then he acts like 'this will put the kids through college.' i think 'why dont you go get a really job or atleast get shot trying to rob a ampM.'

I think that people today have no responsibility for their own actions. If your poor and you have babies the govt just gives you money and then you have more babies, then one baby will get sick and almost die and it will cost the govt like $12K to bring that baby back to life. Then the kid grows up and just gets beat up by the parents all the time and gets all mentally messed up. The he blames the parents, who then blame the govt for not giving them enough money to raise the kids the right way. Then people blame the people in the community who didnt help them out. and its everyones fault but their own. I htink the govt should just not give out money to people for ever. I htink people should need to work for food or else starve. If someone has too many babies to car for, let some of the babies die. Thats how it works with the animals, it kind of weeds out the week ones. Im not saying that i beleive in all this that im saying, its just how lazy and unresponsible i think people have gotten.

So many people die every day. Most are from accidents or because of other people and stuff thats not the victims fault. But when ever someone confesses to murdering a bunch of people or is found guillty of a simular charge, they are just stuck in a cell for the rest of their life. i guess i dont really see the difference between life-term in prison and death. I mean, if you're never gonna get out of there, what are you going to do? I guess you can read and do lots of push ups, but eventually you're gonna get bored. And if you killed people to put yourself in there, why should you be put in a cell and protected from the outside world? So many people are dying everyday from other people yet it takes years to just legally kill someone (here in Califonia, atleast). Dave Smith has a different opinion than me, so he's wrong.