the no kill i / statenet party night

some of this is out of order, can you figure it out?

After Ed beat on Brad and Brad got upset and left, Brad came back 1/2 hour later and slept on the couch. where did brad sleep at? i forgot about the enema thing brad also explained his dick peircings and how he had to sit down to pee because the metal goes through you dickhole (urethra)

>> Mr. Ninja didn't forget anything. That's pretty much it except that >> we sucked. >>

>> Some hippy girl was walking down the street giving out flyers to >> protest Clinton's war crimes and Brad invited her up to drink beer and >> smoke pot. She asked if any of us had jobs 'cause it was like 3:30 in >> the afternoon and we were all drunk. Within minutes of her showing up >> Brad had her sexual history: She's had sex with 15-20 guys; she has a >> boyfriend and she cheats on her boyfriends; she's experimented with >> anal sex but she doesn't like it; she enjoys giving and receiving oral >> sex; she likes older men because of problems with her dad and >> step-dad. >> >> Raj was doing that drunk annoying thing where he'd get about 2 inches >> from your face and talk about dumb stuff. He threw a bunch of bottles >> in the street. >>

>> Ninja and Brad got a plastic bag stuck in the ceiling fan and wanted >> to burn it out with a Lysol flamethrower but I said not to and they >> called me a fag. That's when they started burning the gun. >> >> The cops showed up and walked around but didn't come to the house. >> Then they parked across the street and hung out. >> >> Brad tried to give Grace an enema first in the bathroom and then on >> Bill's bed. Ed jumped in and pushed Grace on the bed and said if you >> want an enema then do it right which scared her so they stopped. Then >> there was lots of enema play with Brad and Keri squirting each other >> with the enema bulb. >> >> It was Hal's birthday and someone told me they wouldn't let him in the >> Press Club 'cause he was so drunk, but he was in there so I don't know >> the scoop. He slept over at Lisa Lapine/Fagans and her kid woke him >> up this morning by hitting him in the head repeatedly. >> >> This morning Brad said he didn't remember wrestling with Ed at the >> show. I wonder if he remembers that I kicked him in the nuts when he >> wouldn't stop pulling the plug out of the bass. >>

>> > >> >man im hurting today >> > >> >i'll tell steve what happened and dave can fill in the parts i forgot >> > >> >there were like 3 kegs and like ten people around 5pm >> >the statenet people had been drinking since noonish >> >i drank a lot >> >then end >> >hal, bill and brad went to get stuff for chili >> >lisa and i brought the ground beef and fudge for the chili >> >when brad drove up he pushed the fox into the street and into the honda >> > >> >poeple drank a lot and ate chili >> >jepf and i went and talked to the WWII guy >> >then i can back and had like three bites of chili >> >the chili had a lot of seasoning because people kept adding more >> >then i was drunk and we started [playing the game where you throw bills >> >piggun into the floor and make fun of the person trying to pull it out >> >then raj broke the piggun bayonet >> >then we took the piggun out back and started poking an old stove >> >then we went back in and stuck a yellow crate with the piggun in the >> >middle of the room >> >then brad and i started lighting the crate and gun on fire >> >then we went outside and started lighting the roof/deck on fire >> >then ed got into it and people thought he was going to blow him self up >> >i lite an old match and the burning part came off the paper part and >> >stuck on my thumb giving me a really nice burn >> >it even hurt when i was really drunk >> >then i went inside and kicked the yellow crate and i cut my achillies >> >tendon and my sock got all bloody >> >then i was sitting in daves room talking to mike kellogg about guns >> >and raj comes up and starts saying how he dis respects us for >> >collecting/having guns and says "if it was something like collecting >> >fish...blah blah balh" then mike and i started talking about fish because >> >mike works at the fish company >> >then raj starts calling us pussies >> >and we just told him to wait til y2k >> >in y2k he'll be the first to go >> > >> >then we went to the show (like 6or7 of us in arron probes car) >> >and we parked across the street from the frat houses >> >brad and aaron went over to the frat houses because no one was around them >> >aaron was peeing on the house and brad went to the front door >> >then two frat guys came home >> >they said nothing about aaron peeing on their house >> >brad told him that he was pledging the same frat in berekley >> > >> >then we went in to see no kill i >> >there were three bands, the mail order brides, pretty girls and no kill i >> >i fell asleep on daves aMP during pretty girls and that sobered me up some >> > >> >then no kill i played, dave smith wasnt the drunk one this time >> >ed wrestled with brad and they fell over and ed hit his head pretty hard >> >on the floor (ed was hurting even though hes ed and really drunk) >> >then brad kept grabbing at daves bass (actually its my bass) and it >> >stopped working consistantly >> >so dave and brad wrestled a little >> >dave punched brad in the nuts >> >brad and bill went home to eat and drink >> >so the show ends and we end up back at dave and bills house >> >brad was asleep on the couch and bill was almost asleep >> >then ed comes over and is all mad at brad for hurting his head and he starts >> >fighting brad >> >this wakes brad upa and brad doesnt know whats going on >> >ed is mostly just being annoying and slaping brad >> >ed hit him kind of harda couple times >> >ed had his glasses in his hand and people were telling lisa that she >> >should grab his glasses so he doesnt break them >> >lisa trys to grab the glasses but ed wont give them up and he yells at >> >lisa for being a "interferrer" and then ed stumbled back and falls down >> >taking lisa with him >> >brad is awake now and still doesnt know whats going on but he starting to >> >get made >> >then ed runs out with a crazy andy kaufman face on >> >dave smith was egging ed on because dave was mad at brad for riuning the bass >> >so then brads all mad and he just leaves >> > >> >dave can fill in the rest >> > >> >> >> >