December 29, 1998

Ok, so im starting this page on the 28th and not the 29th. I just know i'll get behind so this way i can have a day off from doing this. that doesnt make any sence does it? what whats going on here?

So on sunday i went to 'cheaper' (a store by our place that caters to poor-os) to buy a sunday paper (for the tv guide and adds) and some soda for lisa. she wanted coke but cheaper only had vintige and pepsi. the pepsi was on in 24 can cubes for like 8 bucks. but they also had pepsi one (i didnt mention it earlier to add suspence) for 4 bucks for 24 cans. So i thought 'i'll get this instead of coming home empty handed.' and i bought it. Lisa right off the bat didnt like it so now i have to drink all 24 cans. It taste pretty bad and it would definently not make me want to jump out of a plane for it (like on the cuba gooding jr commercail). I figure i can always take them to the range to shoot.

Last time steve mar came to town we (me, steve, dave smith and lisa) wen to the range. steve was supposed to film a movie for a film class but he didnt set his alarm right and we didnt get to the range til the sun was setting. So he couldnt really film his movie well so we just shot stuff. he had bought some cbabges and some red-burning-punch to blow away. After it got dark and everyone else left dave, steve and i were wlking up and shooting things at point blank with shotguns. Dave desintergrated a couple, he had cabage on his boots for days. I was all into shooting the big puddle. Shooting it with a 12 gauge slug made quite a splash. When we go the range this week i have a couple of old monitors that my dad gave me to blow away. so that should be fun.

My aunt gave me a gold club bag to carry my guns in for xmas. its pretty nice (the deed and the item). It just looks like a duffle bag thats long and padded, its not like a golf bag but with rifle butts sticking out like gold clubs, not like caddyshack. Nothing is like caddyshack anymore.

So tonight (tuesday, remember) we're (me, lisa, steve, dave, jeph[king valient]) are suppsed to go to jephs friends place which is a photo store. The guy has a bunch of WWII stuff so its like a mueseum (paladrome). Ill have to bring over my colt 1911 45acp to show him. I went there with jeph a few weeks ago, i was really drunk tho. it was the night of the No kill I show at the Press club. Statenet (where dave smith and bill work) had had their xmas party that day and had 3 kegs. So i got a phone call from lisa at work saying that dave got to take the kegs home for the vening and there was alot of 'good' beer. (i call good beer stuff that doesnt come in a can, i like canned stuff better tho, like pabst, shaffers and anything with milwalkie in the name). So i told my boss i had to leave early to fix my bike tire and left. There was a pro-peace ralley going on at the corner of j and 16th so i tryed to avoid that, i didnt want someone seeing me there and thinking i was a hippie (it turned out that one of my bosses was there, so im glad i didnt do anything dumb). So i got to daves house and started drinking.

to read more about this night see tomorrows confusing story

wow i almost have the whole weeks stories planed out. Im so despreate/lazy im just stealing email storys from others

So this page is powered and created by lynx. lynx is great because you dont get pictures and pages load instantly even with a weak connection (of corse i have a t1 connection here at work). This page was inspired by this one guys page that i will tell the address to someday (just because i dont remeber it now). ive got this down to where i can add links and pages pretty easy through telneting and using pico (a pine like version of vi) i dont really know mayny html commands tho, on the p/p one and i can copy/paste the link ones and change the parts i need to. Some people whine that with lynx you cant see pages like they were ment to be seen. but i think 'if you cant see a page with lynx and figure it out, then its a sucky page with a lot of useless stuff'. also frames are lame because you cant see them with lynx. here at work i have to use PCs i usually use the new laptop. We(they) also have some unix machines that are neat. Using the PCs here is fine even though PC suck. At home all i have is mac, Lisa also only has macintosh stuff. some people say ' ohh macs suck, man, you cant use them for nothing, man, everything is all on pcs, man.' To this i say nothing because i dont want to get in to it. I tell people they should buy imacs are other macs and not pcs but they never listen, then they complain when there computer starts crashing as much as bill driving the next day.